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What we do

Founded by Ingoldmells and Chapel Fans Facebook group, Beach Ability are a non-profit, volunteer led service. Our mission is to make the beach here at Ingoldmells accessible to as many people as possible. We currently have 5 wheelchairs and a beach walker. Details of our wheelchairs can be found on the images below. Our chairs are free to use! You can help us keep our service free to all and continue each season by making a donation using the button below. We are so grateful for every donation received, no matter the amount. Please click on How to Book for more information.

Our Hippocampe Chairs

Our most popular wheelchair, the Hippocampe is best suited to children, or small adults who require additional support. After operating a waiting list for one chair throughout the summer of 2022, we purchased a second chair and now have two available for the 2023 season. This chair is lower to the ground, so great for playing in the sand or splashing in the sea. It has a head support, lap belt and chest harness. The maximum user weight of this chair is 260lbs/120kg

Our Sandpiper Chair

Brand new for the 2023 season, this chair is best suited children who are able to sit unaided. It has a lap seat belt and adjustable foot/leg rest. The maximum user weight for this chair is 260lbs/120kg.

Our DeBug Chairs

Best suited to adults, we have two DeBug chairs available. Both of these chairs have a lap belt and fixed foot rest. One chair has a head support and additional strap that can be fasted around the chest. The maximum user weight for these chairs is 400lbs/180kg

Our beach walker

Brand new for the 2023 season, the walker is best suited to anyone who requires that additional support to walk on the sand. The walker can also be used as a seat. The handle height is 87 to 96cm from the floor. Maximum user weight is 260lbs/120kg

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